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The cannabis news today is all about legalization of marijuana in more US states. California is the latest state to announce that it will go ahead with a regulated marijuana market. But what does this mean for Canadian marijuana users, or anyone who wants to get high and feel good?

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Firstly, it means that you won’t have to buy anymore cannabis from criminals and dealers. This has been an important part of the cannabis scene for many years. There are many reports of police being called out to scenes where the victim, or accused, has gotten high on pot and come back a changed person. The fear is that this cannabis has killed them, or at least made them become increasingly dangerous to society.

Secondly, when you consider the scientific fact that marijuana is not a gateway drug, you can see why this is such a big deal. Many teenagers and young adults these days are getting high on weed without even realizing it. They are not discovering the effects of this drug in the way that older people who have been using it longer tend to. Many younger people are getting into all sorts of trouble because they just don’t care if they get high or not anymore.

Finally, there is a big business to be had from the sales of cannabis flower, buds and oils. This has been the driving force behind the entire industry for quite some time now. When a user can’t anymore find their local dealer, or any store at all, they will go online and find that many companies are actually specializing in this cannabis product. They are offering an extensive variety of pet products, including but not limited to clothing, cookware, pipes, jewelry and more.

While we might think that Canadians are a bunch of hippies, it seems that the truth is a little different. Canada is a very stable country politically and economically. It is not easy to get into this business in any part of the world today without having a lot of research. Many young people are getting involved with marijuana, not because they want to break any laws, but because they just want to smoke some weed at home. There really isn’t much difference between what they are doing and what they do with alcohol, but it is still against the law and should be dealt with accordingly.

The cannabis industry is growing strong every single day. The cannabis news today will provide many more reasons why this industry will continue to grow strong over the next few years. It will become easier to access this wonderful plant, and the more people start to recognize its great benefits, the more we will see demand for this plant. It is definitely a revolutionary plant that is changing our world for the better, and it deserves to receive the same kind of attention as all the other crops that have been given through the centuries.

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