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What are the effects of cannabis terpene? Is it beneficial or detrimental to our health? Can we expect to see future use of this chemical? This article will explore these and other questions.

When cannabis distills are produced, it is derived by a thorough chemical refinement method that removes all the active ingredients from the entire plant matter. These distillate products are highly refined or altered with terpenes, that are also added to the final mix. However, new users must be very wary, because THC concentrations of certain distillate products can reach up to 99%. The terpinen-4-ol, is the only ingredient considered to be effective in reducing the potency of THC. Other potent chemicals, including CBD, are not effective in modulating the psychoactive properties of THC.

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Terpenes are naturally present in the plant material, but in very low concentrations. When the distillation process removes these aromatic chemicals, the concentration of terpenes in the final product decreases. This makes them less effective when used for medicinal use. However, researchers at the University of Paris have found a natural method that allows for the production of high concentrations of terpenes without removing other important natural components.

Is it possible to use cannabis distillate products for recreational use? In theory, yes, but you have to realize that there are some serious limitations. It’s still a fairly new phenomenon; the therapeutic potential of natural herbal medicine is still very much unknown. It’s also quite difficult to find pure natural substances in nature.

The terpenes are reported to be more effective when they are combined with other plant matter to inhibit or prevent the formation of THMs. In studies using laboratory animals, it was found that they could protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol. In addition, it was found that the acids formed when THC and the other acids were mixed produced a shield around the brain, preventing damage to that same brain tissue. In experiments with human cell cultures, the chemicals were shown to protect against neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. It was also shown that the acids, through this mechanism, protected against neuroendurance and behavioral damage.

If this protection is found to work on humans, it would be an enormous advancement in medicine. It would replace many pharmaceutical medications currently being used to treat people with chronic illnesses. However, it’s most exciting potential is probably with regard to treating the psychological and emotional disorders which can spring up from using cannabis distillate products. The research is ongoing; we will no doubt know much more in the future.

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