A New York Police Officer Was Caught on Camera Apparently Planting Marijuana in a Car

A New York Police officer was recently caught on camera apparently planting marijuana in a car. The video captured the arrest of the officer, David Serrano. The arrest was made on questionable grounds, and the police stopped the young men on suspicion of contraband. The officers also examined the car, but did not find anything suspicious. As a result, the video is inadmissible, and the case will go to trial.

The Staten Island district attorney’s office has not brought charges against the officers, and their employment status is unknown. It’s not clear whether or not the arrests were related to the drug case, or best cannabis seeds if they were made in response to the footage. In the video, the police officer is heard saying, “We have to find something.” The video also shows chunks of marijuana on the floorboard and in the cup holder.

An internal review by the NYPD revealed that the officers’ actions were justified. A report released in June said that the officers were in violation of federal laws, and the police officers’ misconduct was justified. But that doesn’t mean that a police officer should have to do this. A nanny cam video of an officer allegedly planting marijuana in a car shows that the NYPD officer was caught on camera again.

In October 2018, a body camera recording of a traffic stop in the Bronx reveals a new video that shows the same officer allegedly planting marijuana in a car of four black men. Erickson and Pastran pulled over the car containing the four men. The officers claim they smelled marijuana and demanded to search the vehicle. The police officer was clearly frustrated, and eventually left the car unsearchable.

The police officer in question was armed and the video shows him in a threatening posture. The video was published by The Intercept on Feb. 28, and took nearly two years to surface. Although the video was initially released months after the incident, it was only after the court hearing that the officer learned about the bodycam footage. The footage shows the same police officer in the same position and repeatedly plant marijuana in a car.

A body camera video of the incident has been released. The officer’s actions in this case are completely illegal and should be investigated. The video has been publicly released by the Legal Aid Society. The court has ruled in favor of Serrano, who is appealing his conviction. The arresting officers supposedly had no evidence of the illegal activity. The officers were not aware that the video was available to the public, so the footage has been uploaded to the internet.

The video shows the group smoking marijuana and insisting that there was no weed in the car. However, the camera then went black, and Erickson restarted the search. Later, he explained that the blackout was a technical issue, and the video footage shows him planting the weed in the car. In the video, he says he also saw other pieces of weed on the floorboard.

The video also shows the suspect’s car strewn with marijuana. The officer also filmed the car’s ash. The police body camera video was later released by the Legal Aid Society. While the police officer was not charged with a crime, the body camera video shows that the officers “planting of marijuana” in a car is illegal.

The video shows the officer allegedly planting marijuana on a car in Staten Island. The video is also a testimony from the officer’s body camera, which shows additional chunks of weed on the floorboard. Despite the video being in a sealed case, the judge ordered the officers to show the video, which showed that the cop had planted marijuana.

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